Shanti Bhavan Medical Center is partnering with a charitable organization, which will remained unnamed for security purposes, to bring women from the chicken coup to the hospital.  The unnamed organization will provide 800 women in some of the rural villages of Jharkhand with a means of making money for themselves.  They provide women with young chickens to raise and include everything necessary to raise them without spending any money.  The reason they provide them to women and not men is that it  has been shown for decades that most rural women are more responsible with money, they save it instead of wasting it on alcohol, gambling, and so on.  Women also use this money to feed and clothe their families. 

The women blessed with these chickens feed and care for them until they are of a ripe age to sell.  They do keep a few to breed to produce more, which usually takes about 21 days when new chicks hatch.  The average selling rate of a 5 pound chicken is approx. 600 rupees (about $9.00).  This money is then used to pay for ongoing maintenance of new chicks and the rest is saved.  The chickens also provide a food source for each family.  

This charitable organization learned of Shanti Bhavan Medical Center and after visiting the hospital and staff they decided to join forces in helping these women medically.  Most of these women have never seen a doctor or had a physical check up.  Shanti Bhavan Medical Center is coordinating with this organization to bring these 800 women to be seen by our Ob/Gyn, receive eye exams, blood testing for diabetes and other services.  The staff at SMC is currently seeing an average of 50 women a day and this process will continue for several weeks until each woman in this program has been seen.  

During the first few days out of 80 women 30 were seen that need eye surgery.  As the Ophthalmology department is soon to open   SMC staff is coordinating with these women to have this necessary surgery in the upcoming months.  Many prescriptions have been given to treat common diseases including diabetes.  Every woman is also receiving nutrition, sanitation, and health education.  

After working with SMC and seeing the treatment, care, and compassion shown to these women the nonprofit organization is making plans to bring women from other districts that are involved in the chicken project.  They are projecting another 2000 women to visit SMC for health and wellness checks.  SMC is getting publicity and exposure by reaching the 6,000 villages that surround the hospital through the help of organizations like this one.

Shanti Bhavan Medical Center is looking forward to helping reach the unreached.  You can help this project by donating to the Patient Charity Fund to cover the expenses of these visits.  Give the gift of health and wellness today! Click “Patient Charity” in the designation drop down menu.  

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