Shanti Bhavan Medical Center

Watch this 5 minute video to learn more about the history of the hospital.

It became clear that any number of mobile medical ministries or outpatient clinics would not be enough to serve the one million people in this large region who have no access to a hospital or advanced medical care. During 2002, Brother NJ was on a family vacation to Branson, Missouri when he encountered a theater building that provided a vision to him for a 200 bed, full-service medical center to be built near Simdega.

The land was acquired in 2005, and plans for the hospital began to take shape. A skilled and experienced team of architects from ©Engineering Ministries International of Colorado Springs, Colorado, completed the initial engineering and architectural work. An experienced Indian architectural and construction team was selected, and the building planning commenced.

Construction on phase one of Shanti Bhavan Medical Center began in 2007. By the summer of 2008, fund raising and construction continued steadily to the point that the superstructure of the building had grown to three floors. The outpatient clinic, emergency room and 75 bed hospital opened in early 2014. The 75 bed hospital will be expanded to a 300 bed hospital in a third phase to be completed as funding becomes available.

Shanti Bhavan Medical Center campus also includes two separate housing units for the doctors and nurses on staff.  The doctors’ quarters are completed and the nurses’ housing is under construction.  Future plans for the campus also include a secondary education center to train nurses, technicians and doctors.  An elementary school will also be built for children of our hospital staff so that they don’t have to be sent to a boarding school.

While visiting our state of the art hospital patients’ families and friends will be able to learn about nutrition, sanitation and environmental education through a running film in our lobby.  The end of this film will also share the story of Jesus Christ with an invitation to pray with a member of our “Care and Comfort Team”.  This trained team will pray with our patients daily and serve throughout the hospital sharing the gospel.

Shanti Bhavan was inaugurated on February 8, 2014 and started seeing the first patients on February 20, 2014.  The Chief Minister of Health performed the ribbon cutting ceremony of Shanti Bhavan and more than 15,000 people attended the inauguration.  Read more about our great day of Inauguration here.


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