Medical Outreach

Outreach both medically and spiritually

In 1997, there were more than 50 village churches scattered throughout north India. Although people had come to the Lord, the living standard in each of these villages was very poor. That year Brother NJ received the tragic news that 25 people from one of those villages had died of cholera. (Actually, thousands die every year from cholera, malaria, typhoid and tuberculosis. All within the area served by All India Mission) Brother N.J.’s heart was touched because he knew that most would not have died had they been provided with some kind of medical treatment.

The Lord directed him to pray for a mobile medical team that would go into different villages and show the love of Christ to those who were suffering physical affliction. The most difficult challenge was to find a qualified doctor to direct the work. As a result of prayer, the Lord brought a wonderful, committed doctor, Haribabu and his family, to fulfill the purpose of God.

In 1999, the Lord provided a medical bus, the right medical personnel and the necessary equipment to start our mobile medical ministry. The six-member mobile medical ministry has continued since its inception in 1999, treating over 100,000 children and adults since it commenced operation.


Shanti Bhavan Medical Center-annual cost to operate: $5 million

Helpers to the Helpless-full tuition and training for one Helper: $1000

Sode Outpatient Clinic-annual cost to operate clinic:  $7,000

Ambulance-purchase of one ambulance $15,000