What We Do

Here at All India Mission we deliver beneficial practices to Northeastern India, where they lack proper education and government assistance. We feel these things are vital to life, and so does God. Sharing the gospel to these people wouldn’t be as Christian-like if we brought them to the Lord, but then left them to an impoverished lifestyle. In order to fully work through God, we must provide them ways of self-sufficiency and self- worship. Over the years, God has provided land and resources to make this happen, and it continues to grow today.

Our work Includes:

Native Missions: Since 1999 we have been teaching the word of God to the uneducated, and we have seen tremendous growth, resulting in over 700 missionaries serving today.

Medical Outreach: This includes a working Outpatient clinic, and the 200- bed hospital Shanti Bhavan Medical Center is currently under construction. These two assets have improved the lives of thousands since 1999, and will eventually become a self-sustaining entity.

Micro-Enterprises: One of the largest obstacles in northeastern India is lack of economic independence. Since we introduced Fish Farming and Goat Herding into India’s Jharkhand micro-enterprises have boosted the local economy, and provided self sustainability.

Education: All India Mission has founded three schools in the state of Jharkhand, where illiteracy rates are high. By providing education, children have more opportunities to succeed and learn.

Orphanages: All Indias first orphanages was opened in 2002, and since then has helped countless children suffering in Northeastern India.