Christian churches have amazing messages, smart pastors, and authentic members, though sometimes even the largest or most successful churches need new ideas to spice up their services. We have come up with some great ideas to get Christians pumped up at church so attendance increases and your church grows! This way more people can further rejoice and celebrate Jesus Christ and God’s miracles.

Hold Drives, Community Events

There are few things as satisfying as holding events that directly benefit your community. These can reach kids and adults, and provide a fun way to bond within your church. There are always charities in need so if you need some ideas try contacting your local Salvation Army and see what they have the greatest need for. You could also partner with the Red Cross to hold a blood drive, or do something simple like a bake sale. This gets you more involved in the community, and more visible to other Christians looking to join a church!

christian classes in church Offer Classes building upon Christian beliefs

Offering free life classes can be a great way to bond with your fellow Christians, and promote goodness throughout your community. These can take place during the evening, or even right after Sunday church. Perhaps take a poll of what people would be interested in or choose from cooking classes, health classes, parenting classes, or history of Christ. These will enhance your member’s learning, and inspire them to try something new, while promoting church attendance.

Greet Your Members!

We as church administration get busy preparing great services, and forget that people love interacting with their pastors and ministers. When you have a chance, stand by the door and welcome people! Ask them how their weekend has been, if they have any plans, and how they’ve lived a Christ-filled life the past month. This will start people off right, and get them very excited to be at service.

Offer Separate Kids Classes

Sometimes kids have a hard time grasping all of God’s concepts, and if kids do not want to go to church, the parents may decide to forego service that day. If you decide to offer kids classes, kids can have their own service that may be more interactive, while still hearing the word of God. By having them play and interact with other kids, they will love service and want to attend church every week!

Utilize Technology

Whether you’re tech savvy or not, chances are someone in your church is. If you have a larger building, consider a screen and projector so that everyone in the back pews can see you properly.  This will allow people to feel more involved and want to come to church even more! Another example of great technology use is Pastors using iPads. Pastor Charles Stone, of Stonewell Ministries uses an iPad to improve preaching. His blog provides several useful tips on how to improve preaching with technology, and shows that it does make work easier so we can focus on spreading the word of God, and increasing attendance.

Secondly, use the internet and especially social media. There are so many free tools and networks that allow you to stay in touch with your members. With Facebook you can post pictures of services, trips, or Bible School, and be involved in your member’s lives. Try using Facebook polls to see what people want to learn in their next service, or have a contest to get families pumped up! There are many sites out there that allow you to stay connected so look around and find some that are right for your church. Check out Flickr, Twitter, and Pinterest. If people feel connected to their church they are much more likely to attend.

Take a Trip!

Gather members, and take a small trip or outing. There is no better way to bond with members than within the church, but support that bonding by taking a field trip on a weekend once a month. Try going to events like baseball games, bowling nights or set up a community clean up. During winter months try holding a talent show for all the kids within the church. This is just one more way to really get your members attending church and loving God.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible school has been a popular summer activity for years now, but try to maximize your outreach! If you have the budget, try sponsoring a few kids that wouldn’t normally have the funds for Bible school. At the end of Vacation Bible School, have the kids prepare a skit to be done at a Sunday service. It will be fun for the kids and the adults, and increase attendance for families that don’t normally attend church.

christian music in church Christian Music

Certain churches have embraced a more contemporary outlook on music, while other churches remain classical. Either way, there are many opportunities to add variety in music. Since there is such easy access to Christian music via iTunes, why not feature a song of the week? Select a song, and have your members listen to it during the week. Then the following Sunday people can share what that song meant to them, and how they plan to rejoice God though the music.

Feed Your Members

Once a month, try having a Sunday lunch after church. There are many ways you can do this to ensure people are well-fed and happy. Potlucks are always fun, and they allow the opportunity for families to bring in their favorite family dish. Another easy way is to simply get a large order of coffee and bagels, or hot dogs and hamburgers. Often times, locally-owned shops will donate food to your church if you agree to mention them to your members.

Talk About Christian Mission Work

This may not apply to every service, but if there is currently mission work going on somewhere spread the word! Mission work is something every church can be proud of, and sharing stories from around the world is not only inspiring, but also a great way to recruit volunteers! Our main mission work, All India Mission wouldn’t be as successful as it is now if we hadn’t been so enthusiastic about it! By having the support of our fellow Christians, our mission has brought thousands of new believers to India.

These are all great ways for Christians to become more connected as a church as well as increase attendance so you can further serve God. We hope you can take one or more of these ideas, apply it, and see your church attendance increase.