Outpatient Clinic

Sode, Jharkhand

After the beginning of AIM’s mobile medical ministry, it became very clear that a much larger medical ministry was needed. Dr. Haribabu was grieved when he had to leave seriously ill people in their home villages to face certain death. He repeatedly requested a clinic to bring his sickest patients to, so AIM opened an outpatient clinic in the town of Sode, Jharkhand.

To test the viability of a local outpatient clinic, AIM’s leadership decided to develop and operate the outpatient clinic, which was to be staffed with a qualified medical nurse and three nurse’s aides. The Sode Outpatient Clinic opened its doors in 2005 and is presently treating over 3,000 patients each year. While the clinic is very busy and is serving a very great need, it still falls short of meeting the medical needs for advanced healthcare treatment. It has clearly shown the need for a large, full-service medical center to meet the more complex needs of the hundreds of thousands of native villagers scattered over the region served by All India Mission.

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: The annual cost to operate the Sode Outpatient Clinic is about $7,000.