Dear Pastor NJ,

Praise the Lord. I trust in our wonderful Saviour, that you are keeping well and the hospital ministry is prosperous. We here, always do keep you and the ministry there in our prayers.

The ministry here in Panki is also flourishing in God’s abundant grace! The church in Panki is growing day by day with more and more people accepting the faith. Most of the people here are farmers and daily laborers, and yes, we do lack in people committed to serve.

Currently, in Panki, we have a NO prayer hall in which the meetings are regularly being organized but with the exponential growth rate, we are in real need of a bigger hall to accommodate our dear fellow believers as they join in the meetings. We have already begun taking steps on this front. We started digging up the soil to lay the foundation but at this present time are unable to carry forward the work due to a lack of funds.

This does become a slight cause of concern as it delays our dream of seeing the believers here able to worship our heavenly Father under a single roof. I therefore beseech you for your prayers and for your monetary assistance in order to help us complete the construction of larger hall. The Church here is in great need of your support and prayers, and we hope, that through you our Lord will bring a lasting solution to our current situation.

We convey our humble gratitude for your ever-present prayers and unceasing support of the ministry here and look forward to hear from you soon. Our prayers stand with you always.

 Thanking you.

Yours in Christ,

Don Parida,

On behalf of AIM Panki, Jharkhand

Pastor Don

Lead Pastor in Panki

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