Village dance group

The official inauguration for Shanti Bhavan Medical Center is on February 8, 2014 where the opening ceremonies for the hospital will commence.  More than 5000 guests are expected to join in the festivities.  The Head of State will be the honored guest accompanied by the CEO’s of CMC Vellore and Bangalore Baptiste Hospital.  Two hundred government officials are attending the ribbon cutting and tour the hospital.  Before the government officials arrived 200 special police forces spent several hours performing a security sweep on the campus and surrounding area. Once completed, officials were granted permission to enter.  The opening ceremonies will include performances by a village dance troupe, local speakers, and welcome speech by Pastor NJ Varughese.


Pastor NJ talks of how amazed people are when they see this beautiful modern 5-story hospital peak in the indigenous area of Simdega. The joyous occasion brings him to tears when he sees the fruit of his faith and perseverance in the Lord.  He dedicated over a decade of his life to bring this vision to life.  The Lord has blessed Pastor NJ and All India Mission and provided the means to bring healing and life to the lost, hurt and oppressed in northeastern India.

sbmc campus

After a decade of planning, acquiring land, and construction the campus of Shanti Bhavan is ready to bring the world to it’s gates.  The campus of Shanti Bhavan includes several buildings.  The first to be completed was the 5-story Doctors’ Quarters where our full time doctors and physicians reside.  The 6-story Nurses’ Housing is currently under construction.  Once complete it will house 100 nurses, provide space for a nursing school and an imaging suite for the hospital.  The hospital outfitting is nearly complete and staffing for the hospital is underway.  Some physicians are currently seeing patients, although not every department in the hospital is open.  SBMC will specialize in orthopedics, dermatology, ophthalmology and care and prevention of prominent deadly diseases such as malaria, typhoid and cholera.  Other departments in the hospital will include pediatrics, obstetrics, general medicine and primary healthcare, intensive care unit and emergency care.  Education programs in the hospital will include education on sanitation, disease prevention, nutrition and general care.  The Care and Comfort Team at the hospital will share the gospel and pray with our patients daily.

Local villagers

It’s hard to truly fathom the impact this hospital will have in the lives of so many.  The Lord has an amazing plan for Shanti Bhavan and we are excited to begin a new chapter in our ministry as the hospital opens and begins welcoming people from all walks of life.  Plans for phase two of Shanti Bhavan are underway and include an elementary school, a nursing college,  and completion of a specialized imaging suite.  This phase will begin once resources have been secured.  Please continue to pray for this project.