Graduation day for our first “Helpers to the Helpless” team.

In September, we began a pilot program called “Helpers to the Helpless”.  The program is designed to be an outreach of Shanti Bhavan Medical Center-Community Branch.  The pilot training program consisted of 15 women from some of our key areas where we have churches.  Most of them are pastor’s wives.  The training was a 3 month program on how to treat a variety of illnesses and complaints and was conducted by Angelina, the nurse at our Sode clinic, and Dr. Surender.  These women learned how to administer basic first aid, innoculations, medications, how to prevent the spread of diseases through nutrition and sanitation education, as well as helping women during pregnancy.  These “Helpers” will be the triage for Shanti Bhavan.

After graduating, these women will travel back to their native villages to become the first contact for many who are in need of medical care.  Each woman has received their very own advanced first aid kit packaged with items that many Americans take for granted, but are rarely found in the homes of the native villagers in northeastern India.  These women will also be able to spread the gospel to the unreached while helping heal them physically.

Our first graduation for “Helpers to the Helpless” was this past week.  Their was a celebration at the hospital as they prepared to send these women back to their local villages.  All India Mission prays for the success of the ladies as they help heal the sick and wounded both physically and spiritually.  We are praying that they are able to share their knowledge with those in their communities to help prevent the spread of disease with nutrition and sanitation education.

All India Mission is planning on sending over 400 native villagers through this training to reach the 600+ villages where we have pastors and churches planted.  This “Helpers to the Helpless” program will help improve the everyday quality of life for these oppressed natives.  Funding and equipping a student for the three month program is $1000.  Won’t you consider sponsoring a “Helper to the Helpless”?  Contact us today for more information.