Goat Herding

The Economic Impact of Goats in IndiaDuring the last few years, it has become clear that the very rapid growth in the number of All India Mission (AIM) ministry co-workers, Christian converts and church plantings could not be sustained by simply relying on donations and support from America and Europe. The answer is beginning to be realized through All India Mission’s micro-economic programs.

AIM leaders decided that the development of a Goat Herding Program was one of the best methods available to make families more self sufficient. A small number of goats can provide food and income for families that are fortunate enough to own a small herd of these very effective domestic animals.

The operation of the Goat Project is very simple, straightforward and successful:

  • Four goats are purchased by AIM for a total cost of $80.
  • The goats are given to a family who raise the goats and breed them.
  • Within 3-4 years, the family will have approximately 25 goats to sell and raise more goats.
  • After three years, the family is required to give AIM four goats, who are in turn given to another family to begin the process anew.
  • This process will create income for each family indefinitely and increase the economic condition of their community as well.

To date, over 50 families have received goats to begin their own herd.

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: The cost of four goats to enable a family to start its own goat herd is $80.