o·pen-heart sur·ger·y



  1. surgery in which the heart is exposed and the blood made to bypass it.

On June 4, 2016 the Cardiology Department was inaugurated.  The ribbon cutting ceremony was performed by the District Government doctor who oversees the entire medical field for the State of Jharkhand.  We were very excited to have him perform this ribbon cutting and to have his support.  Our staff is currently working with the government to become certified to receive money from the government to help subsidize these heart surgeries.  These surgeries are very expensive with the disposables for one surgery incurring expenses of $1000 each.

On June 4th, Dr. James Thomas performed the first open heart surgery.  Ms. Minz, the heart patient, had suffered from heart complications for many years and was even unable to walk down steps.  She could not become pregnant because her heart could not withstand the amount of work a normal pregnancy would cause.  After surgery Ms. Minz was taken to the Cardiac ICU for recovery.  Two days after the surgery she was sitting up in bed, talking and looking very well.  Because of your gifts and prayers towards the cardiology unit, Ms. Minz can now begin to live a normal life and may have the opportunity to become a mother.

The day after Ms. Minz’s heart surgery many people from the press came to interview the doctors, the patient, and Pastor NJ.  There was television coverage and many news stories.  This is great publicity for the hospital and these reports will help people feel more secure about trusting our hospital. As we have shared previously-many people from the villages have never been to a doctor, much less a modern hospital.  Dr. James Thomas will continue visiting patients at the hospital every two months, performing open heart surgeries.  

We are currently raising funds to buy a Cath Lab for this cardiac unit.  Once this has been purchased, another cardiologist will join our team and be onsite so we can see cardiac patients daily.  We need to raise $250,000 more to be able to purchase this Cath lab. Please be prayerful about how you can help transform more lives, like Ms. Minz.  To give to our Cardiac Unit, click here!

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Prov 4:23