Children attending school that otherwise would not.India is the largest democracy in the world. 58% of the world’s illiterate population comes from the nation of India, and the literacy rate of the country is approximately 61%, which means over 454 million people in India cannot read or write.

The state of Jharkhand in particular suffers from widespread illiteracy, poverty and substandard health. Jharkhand is home to several tribal groups including the Birhor, Ho, Kharia, Mundari and Oraon people groups. The Birhor tribe has a 94% illiteracy rate. Only a small proportion of remote villages have a school, and village schools generally only provide elementary education. The average per capita income in India is $460 per year, and this figure is much lower in the remote villages. Because of the extreme poverty, many parents require their children to stay home and work rather than attend school. A lack of education has resulted in growth in unemployment and greater poverty.

All India Mission has founded three elementary schools teaching over 200 children how to read and write in villages that have no other schools. When given the opportunity to teach children the basics of reading and writing, All India Mission has shared Christian teachings and the gospel of Jesus Christ.