About All India Mission

All India Mission’s founder N.J. Varughese received a vision in 1975. This vision was to spread God’s word to the suffering people in northeast India, and bring Christianity to India. Since then there has been successes, failures, riots, times of peace, and most importantly- a rise in Christianity in India. There have been many obstacles, but God always prevails, and has shown the gospel to thousands of newly converted Indians.

As the mission grew larger and stronger, the need for additional serves began to grow as well. Some of the amazing things All India Mission does include medical outreach, education, orphanages, micro-enterprises, and spreading the gospel by Evangelism and church planting. We continue to grow and convert thousands of Christians every year, and with your help we can fulfill the great commission, bringing hope to the world- starting with northeast India.

More about All India Mission:

Read our full Vision and Mission. This guides us when there is uncertainty, and reminds us of our greater cause.

Learn about Our Doctrine, and how we use direct words from God to establish our teachings and philosophy.

The full History of All India Mission starts in 1975, and describes, in detail, some of the triumphs and miracles The Mission has witnessed firsthand. Or keep up with our history weekly in our blog.

Read a Letter from N.J. His story takes us all back to his first time accepting Christ. God showed him the way, gave him this Mission, and has been providing ever since. See the love and enthusiasm N.J. has for his fellow Christian Indian brothers.

Contact our Staff today about how you can lend a hand, or read about their glorious experiences with All India Mission and God.

Our Board of Trustees have provided again and again for All India Mission. We appreciate all that they do.

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