In the second week of June Shanti Bhavan Medical Center graduated their second class of Helpers to the Helpless.  This week the first class came back to the hospital for a refresher course.  When they went through their 6 month training the hospital was not open and so they did not have the opportunity to “practice” on patients.  They are now working under our team of highly skilled doctors and nurses for practical training.

I met with these girls to evaluate how they are doing out in the field-their villages.  Emma Jaynpa was the first girl I interviewed.  She is married with three children at home.  She works at the Tainser Church in the remote village of Bihabail.  In and around her area, she interfaces with nearly 2800 families. Emma

Emma described a few experiences she has had in the villages that have brought her much joy.  After her training she went back to her village in December 2013.  Many villagers came to see her right away after hearing that she was trained at SMC.  Many of them were sick with diarrhea, vomiting, and malaria.  Some of these villagers had previously traveled long distances to the cities to see doctors at other clinics and hospitals, but their conditions did not improve.  After Emma thoroughly examined them she was able to determine their illness and administer the correct medication.  Every one of the villagers that came to see her were well within a day or two.  This gave Emma a sense of accomplishment and confidence that she was on the right path that the Lord made for her. 

During her first week a man came to see her who has been in a bad accident. Infection had spread throughout his body.  He had gone to see another doctor, but was getting worse.  Emma administered her first injection and bandaged him up well.  The infection died and he was well on the mend three days later.

Not only do our Helpers bring medical training to their villages, but they are also there to share the gospel and love of Jesus Christ.  Emma knew of 4 sisters in her village that were believers, but had fallen in their walk with the Lord.  She began ministering to them and praying for them.  The 4 sisters renewed their relationship with the Lord and began to attend church meetings again.  One Hindu man had heard about God and wanted to learn more so he approached Emma to find out about her God.  She shared the gospel with him and he accepted Jesus to be his ONE and ONLY God.  His entire family became believers and began attending the All India Mission church where Emma works.  Emma has many very similar stories.  She has learned so much in the 6 months that she has been out in the field, the most rewarding is knowing that she is doing her part to fulfill the Great Commission, leading others to become disciples of Christ. 

Emma has had some challenges while working with the poor, impoverished villagers.  Only about 20% pay Emma for her caregiving services.  She is busy every day with tending to the sick and injured, administering medications and preventative immunizations, educating villagers on ways to prevent the spread of disease, improve nutrition and sanitation.  When she does not have patients or education classes she is out praying for people and sharing the gospel.  When the villagers do pay her, they pay just a small fee of 10 rupees…which is roughly 17 cents.  This doesn’t even cover the expenses of the medication, bandages or other equipment she uses.  Emma won’t turn anyone down that needs her help, but she is praying that the Lord see her need and provides for her.   Each of the Helpers that were interviewed mentioned this hardship.  It costs only $10 per month to keep her inventory filled with the necessary equipment to take care of these poor villagers.  Would you prayerfully consider helping Emma and the other girls to continue doing the Lord’s work?  Only $120 would provide the inventory for a year per Helper.

Graduation day for our first "Helpers to the Helpless" team.

Graduation day for our first “Helpers to the Helpless” team.

Thank you to our champions who have helped put Emma through her training and equip her with the tools needed to serve the Lord and her people.  Check back often for more stories about our Helpers and their experiences.