A Letter from NJ

Brother NJ SpeakingFrom the Desk of NJ Varughese

Dear Friend in Christ,

On November 6, 1945 a godly Christian woman in South India gave birth to a baby boy. Her name was Aleyamma, and three of her babies had already died at birth.

This little baby didn’t breathe when he was born. “Dear God,” she prayed, “Please let this baby live!” Moments passed, and the baby still wasn’t breathing. It was a home delivery, and there were no doctors in the village.

When her family heard about the dead baby, they all sprang into action. In accordance with a time-honored folk remedy, the men quickly climbed coconut trees and cut down tender coconuts. They drained the coconut water into a basin, and placed the baby neck-deep into the coconut water. After a little while the baby began to breathe.

That baby was me.

Dear friend, the Lord not only gave me a physical life, but he gave me a spiritual life when I came to know the Lord as my personal Savior on November 15, 1965. His call was very strong on my life, and the following January I stepped out by faith with only fifty cents in my pocket to serve the Lord. I worked with an established evangelism organization for a number of years in the state of Bihar, north India.

In 1975, I stepped out by faith again, this time with a co-worker, M. Joykutty. I had a tremendous passion for the gospel, and a vision for the future. In the beginning we walked everywhere, but we realized that we couldn’t walk for the rest of our lives, so we prayed for two bicycles. After six months of praying and believing God, we finally had the money to buy two bicycles.

It was a humble beginning. We worked for two years without seeing any fruit for our labor. But you know, the Lord is faithful and cares for every soul in India. Today the Lord has blessed our work in giving us thousands of souls, and hundreds of pastors and evangelists are working with All India Mission.

It is an exciting ministry. I hope that as you read these words you also get excited about the work. If you are excited about saving souls in India you can do two things: Pray and send.

Prayer is as important as financial support. I would like you to pray for our pastors and evangelists working in remote places in north India. They are working mainly where Christ’s name is never heard. People are responding to the gospel. Pray for their protection and safety.

At the same time you can support a native missionary and his family. It takes only $50 a month to support a pastor and his family. It will take care of their basic needs. They know the language and the culture, which will be more effective than sending someone from another part of the world.

I want to partner with you to reach the untold millions in India who are still outside the fold. Thank you for taking time to visit our website. More good things are yet to come. Continue to visit our website and get excited about serving the Lord.

Yours in His Service,

NJ Varughese
Founder and President
All India Mission