Life is full of change, and we have an important announcement!

As you have been reading in our news updates, persecution has been increasing in India.  Our pastors and believers are being persecuted with increasing intensity these days.  For the most part, the persecution has been directed at individuals and families in the many villages where we have churches.  All India Mission has not been affected at a corporate level.

But today, this is changing.  The fanatic Hindu government is now targeting all Christian ministries in India.   Already over 20,000 Christian organizations in India have had their registrations cancelled — including such ministry giants as World Vision,  Compassion International and Mission India.  It is now illegal for these ministries to receive foreign contributions.

We have prayerfully made the decision to legally separate the medical work from the evangelical work.  That way if the government  prohibits the ability to receive foreign currency for All India Mission, the hospital will not be affected.  We have registered the medical work with the Indian Government under the name, Shanti Bhavan Medical Center Education and Trust.   We have also formed a new 501(c)3 with the United States Government under the name Health for India.



What is Health for India?

Health for India is a brand new non-profit organization established for supporting Shanti Bhavan Medical Center and its related medical ministries.  We hired a lawyer for the process of incorporation. She told us that it could take approximately 8 months to gain IRS approval, but God was gracious to us.  It only took 3 months!  Our 501(c)3 status was granted in August. The website is still under construction but will be ready soon. 

Health for India will grant funding to the medical work that All India Mission began which includes the hospital and outreach programs like Rural Medical Services, Community Health Leaders’ training, medical camps and more.  We also have plans for a nursing school in the near future.

How does this change affect you?

The work at All India Mission will continue as before.  If you have been supporting an orphan, missionary, or any of our evangelical outreaches, simply continue your support as you always have. We greatly appreciate your generous support!

If your interest is in our hospital or any of our medical outreach programs, please write your check out to Health for India and mail it to:

Health for India   P.O. Box 3116,  Olathe, KS   66062

All contributions to Health for India and All India Mission are tax deductible.  Thank you for your patience and support as we undergo this major change.  

Visit our website here: