Shanti Bhavan Medical Center Inauguration February 8, 2014

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Reaching North India with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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Cleansing of the Blood

Cleansing of the Blood

In early October a 54-year old man named Sukho was brought to the hospital by his wife and daughter. He had previously been seen at another hospital, but they were unable to diagnose his illness or treat him. When they brought him to the hospital they had no hope of... read more

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Shanti Bhavan Medical Center

It became clear that any number of mobile medical ministries or outpatient clinics would not be enough to serve the one million people in this large region who have no access to a hospital or advanced medical care. During 2002, Brother NJ was on a family vacation to Branson, Missouri when he encountered a theater building that provided a vision to him for a 200 bed, full-service medical center to be built near Simdega.

Native Missions

In India, more than half the population has never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. With a population that has risen to more than 1.16 billion, approximately six hundred million people have never heard the name of Jesus, not even once in their lives.


In 2002, attention was given to the countless homeless children in India. Opening an orphanage is something All India Mission had never intended to do. AIM’s mobile medical team visited several villages, and Dr. Haribabu shared with N.J. (All India Mission’s president) that there were many children there without parents. Most of the children’s parents died either from an accident or a disease.